21 awesome AR and VR tools to learn

Almost everyone has experienced augmented reality and virtual reality to some extent, and while they are fun, augmented reality and virtual reality can also be incredibly powerful when incorporated into it. classroom learning.

During an engagement ISTELive 21 session, Jennifer Hall, NBCT, an educational technology specialist with Atlanta Public Schools, described an abundance of AR and VR applications for students and educators.

Augmented reality is the idea that you bring something into your real world and use your device to see something that isn’t actually there. Animation or 3D images enter your real world. Virtual reality is where a person is immersed in the experience, as if they were actually there.

So why bring augmented reality and virtual reality into classrooms?

  • Accelerate understanding: Allow students to better understand complex phenomena by experiencing them directly.
  • Deepen engagement: AR and VR add sense of touch to digital content, and being immersed in virtual worlds gives students a deep connection with content
  • Do the impossible: Using AR and VR allows students to access experiences that schools don’t necessarily have a budget for. Technologies allow students to do things that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to do in person.
  • Support active learning: Using the hands and body to interact with 3D objects and environments stimulates natural learning pathways, allowing students to intuitively explore and absorb knowledge.
  • Generate a love for STEM: The use of augmented reality and virtual reality to teach STEM concepts can spark students’ interest in obtaining STEM-related degrees.
  • Develop spatial intelligence: Spatial intelligence is a fundamental ability that allows us to generate and recall visual images. Students with strong spatial intelligence abilities tend to excel in STEM fields. This is also important for students with special needs, as the use of AR and VR can help these students develop spatial intelligence skills.

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