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Coronavirus cases in 2021 are already higher than in 2020 worldwide

Even with 1.7 billion COVID-19 vaccines administered, the number of coronavirus cases reported worldwide in 2021 is already higher than the whole of 2020, a USA TODAY analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University shows. As of Sunday, the world has reported 83.62 million cases this year, up from 83.56 million cases last year. The first months of 2020 reflect the gradual rise and spread of the virus around the world. But since the fall of 2020, the global rate of infections has not slowed. Confirmed cases of the coronavirus in India, the United States and Brazil overtook the rest of the world in 2020 and 2021, but the United States, with half of the population at least partially vaccinated, is the only country where the number cases decreased this year.

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Blinken Continues First Middle East Trip As US Seeks To Mend Palestinian Ties

A day after arriving in Jerusalem for his maiden trip to the region, Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Egypt and Jordan on Wednesday, which have mediated the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants. Egypt succeeded in brokerage the Gaza truce after the Biden administration urged Israel to end its offensive. In Israel on Tuesday, Blinken says Biden administration will reopen consulate in Jerusalem, which had served as a de facto embassy for Palestinians until former President Donald Trump shut it down in 2019. Biden sent Blinken to the Middle East to help secure the ceasefire sticks and reassure Israelis and Palestinians that the United States will remain engaged in the region. Biden has pledged to contribute to a massive recovery effort in Gaza, which suffered the brunt of the destruction after being shelled by Israeli missiles for 11 days.

Adam Toledo’s family creates sanctuary for at-risk youth in honor of his 14th birthday

Adam Toledo reportedly celebrated his 14th birthday wednesday. The Toledo family announced the establishment of Adam’s Place, a rural sanctuary for at-risk youth in honor of Adam, who was fatally shot by an offer from the Chicago White Police on March 29. “This year, as they battle their grief, Adam’s parents and siblings are dedicated to helping other families avoid the excruciating pain that comes from losing a child,” Adeena said. Weiss Ortiz and Joel Hirschhorn, lawyers for the Toledo family, in a statement. Adam’s Place to provide a “safe and nurturing haven” in a rural setting where at-risk youth aged 10 to 14 from Chicago and other cities People in the Midwest will be able to “develop their skills, their values ​​and their self-esteem by learning to care for the natural world, others, and themselves, away from the dangers of urban streets,” the lawyers said.

Record time possible as heat wave burns in southeast

For much of the south, The midsummer heat will peak on Wednesday, bringing the best chance of breaking daily records. More than 70 daily heat records could be broken as a high pressure system dominates the eastern half of the country. “The heat is going to defy daily records for several days in a row in cities like Charlotte and Raleigh with afternoon highs around or even slightly above what they normally peak in July or August,” he said. said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski. Parts of the southeast could remain warm until the end of the work week, according to Weather.com.

Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse May Come In The Sky Near You

It’s the sky show of the year. Early Wednesday, a complete “supermoon” brighten up the night sky over the United States, and a total lunar eclipse will be visible across the west during the hours leading up to dawn. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between a full moon and the sun. The shadow of the Earth covers the moon, which often has a red color, hence the nickname “blood” moon. You don’t need special glasses or gadgets to see it, unlike a solar eclipse, so feel free to look directly at the moon. Binoculars or a telescope improve sight. What does a super moon mean? It just means that the moon looks a little bigger than usual since it is closer to the Earth. This will be the second and last super moon of 2021. Here is how to see it.

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