5 Ways It Was Better With Fewer Creatures (& 5 Why More Is Good)

It is extremely rare that a franchise can take off in the way Pokemon universally connected with the world. Pokemon is an absolute monster in every area of ​​media he’s involved with, whether it’s video games, trading cards, or his popular animated series and movies. There is frequent changes that are introduced every new Pokemon title, but one of the more obvious additions is that there are always more Pokémon added to the mix.

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At this point, there are almost 1000 Pokémon that have pulled out of virtually every possible idea. for design inspirations. New Pokémon are always exciting, but there are also plenty of reasons why a smaller approach would be more effective for the series.

ten Better with less: there is more originality

A larger stable of Pokémon to shoot from isn’t necessarily a doomed proposition, but it stands to reason that a smaller population to shoot from will naturally be more creative.

The original 150 Pokémon don’t contain all of the best designs, but they feature some of the most original just because they can work from a blank slate. A smaller amount of Pokémon ensures that everyone can really stand out and offer something unique among the other creatures available.

9 More is good: it brings new pre-evolutions and evolutions to old Pokémon

pokemon_the_movie_3_pikachu & amp;  pichu

Initially, the trend was for new Pokemon games to introduce entirely new Pokémon, sometimes with their own regional specificities. However, another event that Pokémon has experienced is that sometimes new Pokémon connect to pre-existing creatures, either a new evolved form or a pre-evolution that turns them into baby Pokémon.

There are plenty of examples of overlooked Pokémon that finally find their voice once those extra puzzle pieces are added. Sometimes a need for more Pokémon can rekindle old ideas and take them in new directions that are better than before.

8 Better with less: all Pokémon can be caught in a single match


Growing frustration in recent generations of Pokemon is that there are now so many Pokémon out there that it is not even possible to put them all in one game. Players have to resort to trading between titles or using Pokémon boxes, and even then that’s a problem.

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A real charm of the original games is that virtually all Pokémon were available. Capturing over 200 items is no small feat, but it still seems plausible, when the current total of running Pokémon is just intimidating.

7 More is good: it integrates sex, reproduction and other factors

Wormadam in garbage cape

the Pokemon The series added a number of features to add complexity to the Pokémon process, such as different sexes, Pokémon that only come out at certain times of the day, or creatures subject to other rarities. These complex factors often result in new Pokémon, such as a Pokémon that can come only from a specific breeding, temperament or environmental conditions.

This adds more depth to the Pokémon experience and makes the process more rewarding when there are methods beyond just catching Pokémon that are needed to get them all.

6 Better with less: no one feels wasted

Pokemon Charizard

Every Pokémon, even the most unpopular, ideally has something to offer. That being said, when there are around 900 different Pokémon, it becomes very easy for some models to feel throwaway or for some models to function as jokes.

There are also a lot of Pokémon that feel comparable and reflect similar ideas where we inevitably become inferior. A smaller collection of Pokémon can prevent this from happening and get rid of the more reductive and repetitive designs that are presented.

5 More is good: it keeps the series mysterious

Zarude from Pokemon

There were still secrets surrounding the original Pokemon games and there is such excitement that is generated by players not knowing exactly how many Pokémon there are or if there are an additional one or two lurking in the mix. A sprawling total of Pokémon makes this increasingly possible, especially when there isn’t always a round number surrounding the grand total of Pokémon.

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It is very easy to know each Pokemon when there is less of it, but a gigantic amount helps keep this mystery alive and makes it easier to hide additional creatures and secrets.

4 Better with less: it doesn’t dilute the Pokémon concept

Pokémon that are Charjabug Klefki Honedge objects

A good streak is one that is able to incorporate change over time and be able to roll with the punches. Some major revisions have hit the Pokemon series, some of which push the boundaries of what can even be called Pokémon.

The first games in the series elegantly define Pokémon creatures, but this has slowly spread to include more radical creatures like aliens, as well as Pokémon that have designs that pull out everyday items like teapots, chandeliers, or key chains. These changes are only happening because of the need to create more new Pokémon.

3 More is good: this introduces more typing

Steelix in battle

One way Pokemon keeps its creatures unique and properly weighted in combat is the different types in which they are sorted. Initially, Pokemon covers most of the main types of Pokemon and touches the main areas such as water, fire, grass, and psychic. However, over time a few other types of characters have been incorporated, such as Dark, Steel, and Fairy.

These new types add more nuance and specificity to Pokémon and they are a direct result of the diversification of new Pokémon and the real need to develop more types of Pokémon.

2 Better with less: they can all be part of the story

Pokémon are important to battle, and there’s a lot of excitement about their collection, but the way they are connect to the tradition of the series is also significant. Pokédex entries can be fascinating sources of information. At this point, there are so many Pokémon that it’s impossible to connect them all to the story in any meaningful way.

As a result, there are a lot of Pokémon that just feel like a pointless showcase. A smaller total allows each Pokémon to actually serve a purpose and connect with society in some way, which is overall more efficient.

1 More is good: it allows for greater risks and more fun designs

There is a certain level of freedom that can occur when a larger canvas is used to create. 100 or 200 Pokémon means that virtually every design has to be a winner and that there is no room for compromise or unfortunate creatures. However, a significantly larger portion allows more capacity for more unconventional designs.

These strange styles of Pokémon aren’t always understood, but they can sometimes trigger unexpected trends with Pokémon that could have been predicted with a smaller, more conventional sample of creatures.

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