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Auto insurance is a necessary purchase for vehicle owners in most states. If you are looking for an auto insurance policy, you might want to consider purchasing auto insurance online, a method that has grown in popularity in recent years. Buying insurance online is often faster than buying insurance through an agent, which means that if you find a lower rate, you could start saving sooner.

With the increase of digital tools, purchasing auto insurance online is becoming an increasingly popular option. If you are planning to search for auto insurance online, there are a few things you should know before purchasing a policy.

What to know before purchasing auto insurance online

While it may seem convenient to purchase insurance online, there are many factors to consider. Since you won’t be sitting down with a licensed agent, it’s important to know what kind of coverage you want and need so that your policy is right for your specific situation. While this may require some research beforehand, you may want to answer the following questions:

  • If you have a loan or lease for your car, does your financial institution require you to have certain minimum limits and deductibles?
  • If you don’t have a loan or rental, do you want full coverage or are you comfortable with liability cover only?
  • Do you want a company that offers a mobile application?
  • Would you like a bulk discount for future policies?
  • How important is it to your business to have a support phone number in case you have any questions?
  • What is the claims process and are you comfortable with it?

If you are considering purchasing auto insurance online but do not understand the different types of coverage available, you can search for a company with phone or chat customer service.

In addition, you will probably need details like your vehicle identification number (VIN), your driver’s license number and insurance history before purchasing a policy. These specificities may change your quote insurance premium, especially if you received a quote providing only partial information.

Best Car Insurance Companies Online

Now that you might want to buy auto insurance online, you are probably wondering where to start. There are dozens of popular auto insurers out there, but maybe not all of them are right for you. We have reviewed many auto insurance companies looking at factors such as customer satisfaction, ease of the online application process, available discounts, mobile app availability, and claims satisfaction to help you find a business that might be right for you.

Society Best for …
Geico Ideal for a practical mobile application
Allstate Great for customer support options
Amica Ideal for an easy application process
State farm Ideal for managing online complaints


Geico is a company that offers quick and easy quotes and generally cheap rates. Geico ranks very well for client satisfaction, uses a user-friendly quotation system and simplifies the filing of a complaint. Geico mobile app is a benchmark in the industry. Policyholders can do everything from changing the policy to paying an invoice and filing a claim in the app. You can even download your proof of insurance ID cards for easy access. Plus, Geico’s website lets you perform certain tasks without even logging in, which is great for anyone who easily forgets their password.


Allstate offers users a multifunctional website. Best of all, Allstate makes it easy to get direct customer support if managing your policy yourself becomes overwhelming. You can even reach Allstate by email or digital chat. Allstate offers a variety of discounts and many agents across the country in case you need to speak with someone face to face after purchasing your policy online.


If you want a simple, hassle-free option, you might appreciate Amicaonline application process for. You start by entering your address and answering a few simple questions that will help you determine if you qualify for a quote. The app is then broken down into five simple sections: your info, vehicles, drivers, discounts, and quote summary. If you need to step away from your computer, you can save a quote and come back to it later. As an added benefit, Amica received the second highest rating of JD Power for the satisfaction of complaints.

State farm

State farm offers a convenient and well-designed claims management system that is easy to navigate. Choose the type of incident you are facing and the website will break down the complaints process into five steps. Even third parties involved in an incident with a State Farm driver, but who are not themselves insured with State Farm, can create an account to track a claim. Additionally, there is a digital chat button on each claim page so you can easily chat with a representative if you have a question.

How to save on auto insurance online

Buying auto insurance online is not necessarily a cheaper option than the more traditional methods. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find affordable coverage. Here are some of the easiest ways to save money on your auto insurance online:

  • Compare the prices: The online quote process is generally straightforward, so it may be in your best interest to get quotes from multiple companies. As long as you get quotes for the same coverage, you should be able to compare rates and pick the one that is the most affordable.
  • Group your fonts: You may be eligible for a multi-policy discount if you insure more than one policy with the same insurance company. If you already have a home or renters insurance policy elsewhere, you can quote it with your auto policy to see how big the rebate is.
  • Discover each reduction: Many auto insurance companies have several discounts available. You may be eligible for a reduced premium based on your driving record, grades, employer, vehicle safety features, and even how often you drive.

When shopping, remember that the cheapest price isn’t always the best option. Make sure you get quotes for the coverage you need and not just the cheapest available. If you are not sure what blanket To buy, it may be best to begin your auto insurance research by speaking to a licensed agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto insurance company online?

The best auto insurance company online will depend on what you are looking for in your auto insurance. Whether you want an efficient claims portal or a convenient mobile app, you can shop around to help you determine the best auto insurance company for your situation.

Can you buy auto insurance online?

While buying auto insurance online starts with a quote, many companies will allow you to purchase the policy, pay your premium, and get proof of insurance instantly. Be prepared to provide information such as: dates of birth and driver’s license numbers of all drivers in your household, the VIN of each of your vehicles, the name of your old insurance company and your policy number , lien holder information and your driving history to complete the policy purchase.

How do I get proof of insurance for a policy online?

Once you’ve purchased an auto insurance policy, there are likely several ways to get proof of insurance. Many companies will let you instantly download ID cards or a returns page or even grab proof of insurance in a mobile app. However, you can usually request a copy by mail.

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