Chocolate company issues recall after pieces of plastic found in candy

Lake Champlain Chocolates recalled some of its candies after a customer found pieces of plastic in them.

Chocolates from Lake Champlain issued a public alert and recall after a consumer found “brittle pieces of plastic” in the candy.

According to a announcement with the United States Food and Drug Administration, the recalled products include the Company’s Five Star Hazelnut, Fruit & Nut, Almond & Granola Bar; organic milk chocolate bar with sea salt and almonds; Almond bark with milk chocolate and Vermont Green Mountain chocolates.

The candy was distributed through retailers and other distributors nationwide and at the company’s three stores in Vermont.

Product details are:

  • Box of 15 Galentine Selection, 9 oz, order number 1V301-015001-1, UPC number 76993385787
  • Be Mine Basket, 2 lbs, stock code 1V315-000001-1, UPC number 76993385787
  • Holiday Selection, 15 pieces, 9 ounces, stock code 1X301-015001-1, UPC number 76993304604
  • Holiday selection, 30 pieces, 1.1 pounds, stock code 1X301-030001-1; UPC Number 76993304605
  • Vermont Holiday Chocolates, 16 pieces, 7.6 ounces, stock code 1X302-016001-1; UPC Number 76993385319
  • Basket of Joy, 2.4 lbs, stock code 1X315-000002-1, UPC number 76993305235
  • Tis the Season Gift Basket, 1.5 lbs, stock code 1X315-000003-1, UPC # 76993385408
  • Selection, assorted, 30 pieces, 1.1 lb, stock code 1Y301-030002-1, UPC number 76993304603
  • Vermont Chocolates, Assorted, Bulk, 2.5 lbs, Stock Code 1Y302-000000-1, UPC Number 76993305399
  • Vermont Chocolates, Four Piece Sampler, 1.9 oz, Stock Code 1Y302-004001-1, UPC Number 76993302007
  • Vermont chocolates, assorted, eight pieces. 3.8 oz, stock code 1Y302-008001-1, UPC number 76993302010
  • Vermont Chocolates, Assorted, 12 Piece Bag, 5.7 oz, Stock Code 1Y302-012001-1, UPC Number 76993385322
  • Vermont Chocolates, Assorted, Box of 24, 11.4 oz, Stock Code 1Y302-024002-1, UPC Number 76993385454
  • Vermont Chocolates, Fall, 16 Pieces, 7.6 oz, Stock Code 1F302-016001-1, UPC Number 76993385374
  • Vermont Chocolates, Green Mountain, Bulk, 2.5 lbs, Stock Code 1Y302-085004-1, UPC Number 76993302005
  • Five Star Bar, six pack, 11.4 oz, stock code 1Y304-006002-1, UPC number 76993385688
  • Almond peel, order code 1Y310-000017-1, UPC number 76993303050
  • The Chocolate Tower, 2.2 lbs, stock code 1Y315-000001-1, UPC number 76993305230
  • Dark Chocolate Gift Basket, 2.6 lbs, stock code 1Y315-000002-1, UPC number 76993305231
  • Signature Gift Basket, 2.8 lbs, stock code 1Y315-000005-1, UPC number 76993305232
  • Vermont Country Gift Basket, 1.2 lbs, stock code 1Y315-000006-1, UPC # 76993305233
  • Five Star Bar Fruit and Nut, 1.9 oz, stock code 1Y304-024002-1, UPC number 76993300502
  • Five Star Bar Hazelnut, 1.8 oz, stock code 1Y304-024004-1, UPC number 76993300504
  • Five Star Bar Granola, 1.9 oz, stock code 1Y304-024005-1, UPC number 76993385318
  • Almond Five Star Bar, 1.85 oz, stock code 1Y304-024008-1, UPC number 76993385800
  • Almond Sea Salt Bar, 43% Milk, Organic, 3 oz, Stock Code 1Y504-012105-1, UPC Number 76993385498
  • Milk chocolate bar, 1.1 lb, stock code 1Y515-000001-1, UPC number 76993385757
  • Classic bar, 1.1 lbs, stock code 1Y515-000004-1, UPC number 76993385760

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