Closure of the Kokkola plant in Finland

Heimon Kala Oy’s, a subsidiary of AS PRFoods, the Kokkola fish processing plant in Finland will be closed and the 35 plant employees will be laid off.

One-off redundancy costs amount to around 0.7 million euros and will be carried over for 6 months. Closing the plant will save the group around 2.3 million euros per year. At the same time, the closure of Kokkola will reduce the wholesale and trading turnover of fresh salmon in Findland by around 8-10 million euros. Wholesale has been a very low profit activity in Finland and has not been an important part of the group’s strategy and does not support our other activities in Finland. In the future, the group’s fresh fish activity will mainly rely on its own farmed fish. The wholesaling of salmon in the Baltic States will continue from our factory in Saaremaa from the beginning of next year. The Kokkola plant has been very unprofitable in recent years and the main reason why the financial results of the Finnish unit have been negative. The closure of Kokkola will help Heimon Kala Oy return to profitability from 2022. The Saaremaa plant has taken over the group’s threading needs and the necessary equipment has been transferred to Estonia and additional jobs in Estonia will be created for this. Heimon Kala Oy will continue to sell fresh fish to our retail customers but will cease trading in Finland.

Indrek Kasela
AS PRFoods
Crew member
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