Dense flower fields spring up from everyday people and objects in Grif’s animated works


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June 24, 2021

Grace Ebert

Fields of vibrant flowers spring from a Brooklyn brownstone, a basketball court and Vermeer’s ‘Girl with the Earring’ in Equinox Collection through Grif. The Manhattan-based artist is working on a series of ongoing animations that transform objects and spaces into wild gardens in full bloom. The looping clips are designed to “illustrate how the energy of nature will continue to evolve, recover and transfer even without us,” Grif explains. “The concept of energy transfer is a concept that is constantly in motion. Energy is constantly being transformed all around us. This is the first rule of thermodynamics.

Whether it’s wrapping a Berlin gate or producing a trail of flowers in the wake of a skateboarder, each piece is a mini-narrative rooted in a place, time, or experience the artist intended. revisit. “I chose scenes from my memory and slightly modified the environment to incorporate a feeling of nostalgia for the audience, a kind of golden light that evokes this feeling of optimism. We often look at memories with great affection, they’re tinged with pink or coated in sugar or whatever metaphor you like, ”says Grif.

Some of the works featured here were shown last month for Arts of the city of Callao in Madrid, and others will be presented as part of an exhibition hosted by Collaboration in Moscow. You can follow the current collection on Behance and Instagram.

#flowers #gifs #multiple

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