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A 2019 study by a developmental psychologist Jennifer drake at Brooklyn College, 10 minutes of drawing was enough to improve mood when participants drew for self-expression or entertainment over the course of a month. Drake’s findings have been published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. More importantly, Drake noted that this effect was the same across a range of randomly selected participants, regardless of any skill or artistic promise – or lack of it.

Ready to tap into all this artistic goodness? Here are the places in Georgia for nurses who want to create works of art, whether you are a beginner or taking up the hobby:

Studio sessions: Sculpture in motion

This July 27 workshop is just one of the one-time art classes for adults offered by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. It is inspired by the simultaneous exhibition of the mobiles of Alexander Calder. Class participants build their own three-dimensional pieces and materials are provided.

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Adult Art Classes at the Spruill Center for the Arts

Atlanta Spruill Arts Center offers adult classes in various media including drawing, painting and decorative arts.

Most courses, as beginner or intermediate figure drawing, meet for five to ten weeks.

There are also dozens of ‘do and take’ sessions, including ‘Cool Beans Mosaics’ and a two’Get to know watercolor pencils” workshop.

Vinings Art School adult classes

Although Vinings focuses on encouraging children to create and enjoy art, it also offers classes for adults. Some options include seven-session painting course that include canvas and supplies including a daytime option which might be more convenient if you work nights or shifts. The school also offers private lessons.

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Social outings and artistic evenings

If a group of friends want to paint or if you want to enjoy the benefits of socializing while you create, there are always classes that meet in the evenings and have adult drinks and the option to paint with a group of fellow students. jovial class. If that’s appealing, options in Georgia include painting with a twist at several sites in the greater Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, and Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio in Roswell.

Painting with a twist also offers another fun option for those new to painting or getting back into the swing: Home art kits. They come with the same supplies you would expect at a social night out and video instructions you can do at home.

And if you just want to try and reap some profit by drawing or doodling at home or during breaks, part-time illustrator Liza Corsillo offered these tips in “The Strategist” section of New York magazine.

She advised beginners to choose tools that “encourage you to stay loose and limit self-judgment as much as possible.” Of course, you can draw with anything you have around the house, including your toddler’s colored pencils and the back of a phone bill. But using slightly nicer materials will make what you’re doing intentional and help you focus. “

For Corsillo, the hardest parts of drawing as a hobby aren’t judging yourself and figuring out what to draw. “It’s best to start with everyday items: a cup of coffee, your favorite tchotchke, a can of beans, the fire exit across the street or the corner of your room,” he said. she advised. “You want something simple and basic and, unlike your roommate’s cat, something that won’t budge until you’re done.

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