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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The “Gaki Hip” exhibition will kick off on January 15, with interactive installations aimed at shattering stereotypes in Taiwanese culture.

Organizers, 4b Studios founder Chen An-zhe (陳安哲) and interdisciplinary artist Jeffrey Yu (尤勝宏), expect a range of everyday items such as bubble tea, machines claw claws and the neon lights on the betel nut stands catch people’s eyes but also cause them to rethink their definition of Taiwanese culture.

According to Yu, when people describe something as “very Taiwanese” it is a bit negative as it normally implies that it looks cheap and messy. He tried to turn national images into chic and modern centerpieces.

The display case features a giant claw machine that people can sit on to pretend they’re prizes. Visitors can also hear sounds exclusive to Taiwan, such as the singing moan of a garbage truck and popcorn popping on a food stall while eating ice cream with soy sauce.

Yu noted that some visitors said that they had never seen Taiwan this way before and that the experience was more like an amusement park than an exhibition.

The Taiwanese pronunciation of “Gaki Hip” is similar to “taking pictures by yourself”.

The exhibition will be held in Zhongshan District, Taipei, from January 18 to March 31. For more information, visit the official exhibition website Instagram or his website at by banknotes.

Eye-catching 'Gaki Hip' art exhibition overturns stereotypes of Taiwan

Eye-catching 'Gaki Hip' art exhibition overturns stereotypes of Taiwan
(photo “Gaki Hip”)

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