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The history of fashion is as old as mankind. In addition to their basic function of warmth and body protection, clothing has increasingly come to be seen as a status symbol over the years. Today the distinction between women’s and men’s fashion is blurring, but that was a whole different story in the 18th and 19th centuries. The period of fashion that marked the life of the English writer Jane Austen returns once a year to the British city of Bath. At the eponymous festival, visitors should definitely wear costumes in the so-called Regency style, as shown in the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton”. About 500 participants take part in the “Regency Parade”, bringing this era of fashion to life.

Now we would like to hear from you. If you could slip into any outfit from a historic fashion period, which one would it be? We look forward to your responses. With any luck you could win an exclusive designed DW backpack with goodies inside.

Ancient Rome
Middle Ages
Write in your own choice

The closing date for entries is October 1, 2021 at 12 p.m. UTC. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

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King’s Lynn Stars won’t make major changes for 2022 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/kings-lynn-stars-wont-make-major-changes-for-2022/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/kings-lynn-stars-wont-make-major-changes-for-2022/#respond Sat, 25 Sep 2021 06:00:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/kings-lynn-stars-wont-make-major-changes-for-2022/

As the King’s Lynn Stars prepare to end their 2021 season in Sheffield tomorrow (5 p.m.), team boss Alex Brady has said there won’t be any big changes for next year.

Brady and his colleagues, including co-promoter Dale Allitt, have made no secret that they have been planning for weeks one to seven next year.

With two fine away wins of seven or more points worth four league points each (Lynn was due to visit Peterborough last night), they are destined to finish bottom of the Premiership table behind local rivals Ipswich.

Alex Brady with Dale Allitt and Lewis Kerr. (49487546)

Brady said, “It’s like we’re starting to click now, which is disappointing because the season is ending in that regard.

“Planning for next year is, really, when I took over, my whole goal was. It’s a long winter ahead and I’ll be working day and night to make sure we succeed next year.

“There may be new faces. “

Brady confirmed it will be a mix-and-match with a few changes added to the backbone of this year’s squad: “There won’t be a complete drastic change from one to seven.

“The boys who came really gave me food for thought,” he said.

“It has been a difficult year for King’s Lynn and in the past King’s Lynn has been viewed as negative for not acting fast enough.”

Lynn has already shown some continuity by securing the services of popular number one Richard Lawson and Thomas Jorgensen as well as local skipper Lewis Kerr, who had a two-year contract.

Brady said he was an admirer of single guest Michael Palm Toft, who returned to a Peterborough racing vest during this season.

Palm Toft almost helped guide the Minors and Brady Stars to the league title in 2018 and it could be argued that the controversial decision to exclude the Dane from that year’s Playoff Grand Final against Poole has extinguished Lynn’s championship chances.

He was the guest of injured Stars’ spearhead Richard Lawson in the last 2021 SGB Premiership home meeting at Adrian Flux Arena against Sheffield.

Lynn would likely face a battle with the Panthers if they wanted Palm Toft for next season.

Brady commented: “He attacked the track really well and I think that’s what he needed.

“You can see the runners who have attacked the track and you can see it in their scores.

“Tofty is a great driver. I’m sure Peterborough might have something to say about him, looking at it differently.

“You know, if tonight was the only night we’ve had him, then I’m really happy with him. He’s a very good rider.

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New California law aims to protect workers in retail warehouses like Amazon’s http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/new-california-law-aims-to-protect-workers-in-retail-warehouses-like-amazons/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/new-california-law-aims-to-protect-workers-in-retail-warehouses-like-amazons/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 23:18:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/new-california-law-aims-to-protect-workers-in-retail-warehouses-like-amazons/

California became the first state to implement a law that addresses the working conditions of warehouse workers, like those at Amazon and other large corporations.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 701 on Wednesday, which will take effect in the new year. The law aims to combat the impact of quotas on injuries and the health of workers.

It sets new standards for companies to clearly tell warehouse staff what their production quotas are. The law ensures that workers cannot be made redundant or face reprisals if they fail to meet a dangerous quota.

“We cannot allow companies to put profit before people. Warehouse workers who have worked hard to support us during this unprecedented time should not have to risk injury or be punished because of quotas. ‘operations that violate basic health and safety, “Newsom said in a statement.

“I am proud to sign this legislation which gives them the dignity, respect and safety they deserve and which advances California leadership at the forefront of workplace safety.”

Under this law, the State Labor Commission is empowered to issue citations to offending companies. The department is also authorized to access workers’ compensation data to find facilities with high injury rates and to investigate whether this is due to the use of unsafe quotas.

The law also prohibits the use of algorithms that track rest and toilet breaks and specifically prohibits the dismissal of workers for failing to meet unsafe quotas because they were on rest or toilet break or while they complied with health and safety laws.

How does this law focus on Amazon?

US retail giant Amazon relies heavily on thousands of workers to fill its huge warehouses, also known as distribution centers. During the pandemic, Americans relied heavily on online shopping for their products. In turn, the company, the second largest employer in the United States behind Walmart, has hired thousands of workers and plans to hire 100,000 more workers this year.

Workers and labor organizations argue that Amazon’s rules in company distribution centers create an unsafe work environment. Investigations by news organizations and the Worker-backed Strategic Organization Center found that the serious injury rate in Amazon warehouses was nearly double the industry average.

Tracked by algorithms, Amazon warehouse workers rush to pack and ship non-stop shopping orders that need to be delivered within hours.

While workers are at work, Amazon monitors their “time off task,” which the company says is monitoring “problems with the tools people use.” But it also works to identify underperforming workers. Too much free time and the algorithm signals workers.

The company has not posted a public comment on the new California law.

Other players in the retail space have done so.

“We are disappointed that Governor Newsom has signed AB 701, which will exacerbate our current supply chain problems, increase the cost of living for all Californians and eliminate high paying jobs,” Rachel Michelin said Wednesday. , president of the California Retailers Association, in a statement. .

Michelin said the change would be felt by consumers, even claiming that shipping of COVID-19 tests from warehouses and distribution centers to hospitals, pharmacies and doctor’s offices would be slowed down due to the law.

“With California ports facing record backlogs of ships waiting offshore and inflation reaching the fastest rate in 13 years, AB 701 will make matters worse for everyone – creating more backlogged cargo and backlogs. higher prices for everything from clothes, diapers and food to auto parts, toys and pet supplies, ”she said.

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In expansion mode under new owners, Wuollet Bakery to build a wholesale production facility in St. Paul – Twin Cities http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/in-expansion-mode-under-new-owners-wuollet-bakery-to-build-a-wholesale-production-facility-in-st-paul-twin-cities/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/in-expansion-mode-under-new-owners-wuollet-bakery-to-build-a-wholesale-production-facility-in-st-paul-twin-cities/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 22:43:09 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/in-expansion-mode-under-new-owners-wuollet-bakery-to-build-a-wholesale-production-facility-in-st-paul-twin-cities/

The Beacon Bluff business center on Phalen Boulevard will soon have a new occupant, familiar to connoisseurs of Grand Avenue pastry shops.

Wuollet Bakery acquires three acres in the former 3M campus to build a 50,000 square foot commercial bakery, manufacturing and wholesale plant, with the goal of expanding the brand across the Twin Cities and beyond.

The land transfer won’t make much money for the St. Paul Port Authority – the sale is $ 1 – but it comes with labor agreements that require local hire at a wage. decent. The Port Authority’s board of directors will meet on Tuesday to approve the transaction.

Wuollet was founded in the 1940s and has retail bakeries in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Edina, Robbinsdale and Wayzata. It recently became owned by Eric and Olga Shogren, who also operate Baker’s Wife in Minneapolis and Hans’ Bakery in Anoka, as well as 65 bakeries and 13 pizzerias in Russia, according to board documents.

The St. Paul Port Authority acquired the former 3M headquarters in 2008 and has been marketing campus parcels to employers since 2012.

Wuollet plans to develop the land next to Loomis Armored in East Seveth and Forest Street, with construction scheduled to start next February and take around a year. The port authority expects Wuollet to create 70 new jobs at the site over a 10-year period.