How Retailers Can Combat Shrinkage and Create a Great Shopping Experience

The profitability of the retail business can be severely affected by the loss of stock with inferior or outdated protection systems.

Retailers face ongoing challenges with increasingly sophisticated shoplifters causing in-store “shrinkage”. Theft methods make smarter with large amounts of information online on how to beat security labels.

Easy access to tools like illicit pocket label detachers are rampant in the industry, and old-fashioned labels can be opened in seconds without a sound or disturbance to alert staff. The result is costing retailers billions in lost inventory every year.

The good news is that the world’s most innovative security label is now available. The FoxTag is a revolutionary loss prevention system that allows retailers to take back control. The FoxTag reduces theft by up to 60% compared to traditional security tags available on the market.

Setting a new benchmark in detachment technology, FoxTag security tags can only be opened by a patented locking mechanism and an electrically operated automatic mechanical detacher, a unique system that cannot be obtained illegally online.

The FoxTag detacher is designed with additional security features to help reduce inventory reduction and increase store profitability. Retailers who use the system can focus more on customer service and generate an engaging customer experience knowing they are supported by industry leading security technology.

Companies around the world are successfully collaborating with FoxTag and helping retailers take security to the next level.

In May 2021, FoxTag announced its latest strategic partnership with Vitag in Australia.

With over two decades of experience working with retailers, Vitag is a leading provider of loss prevention solutions for the Australian and New Zealand retail industry.

The company’s customers include some of the biggest names in the industry, with a holistic focus on advanced electronic item surveillance, security tags and shoplifting prevention that also facilitates a better in-store experience. .

Vitag Managing Director Greg Raubenheimer explained that theft prevention is an ever-changing battlefield, where the war is won using the latest technology and the best products available.

“Our mission is to provide retailers with the best possible tools to combat retail theft,” he said.

“We are excited to add FoxTag to the lineup knowing that it will thwart both amateur thieves and skilled shoplifters.”

Noting that FoxTag was compatible with existing EAS systems, Mr. Raubenheimer said one of its obvious advantages was the potential for rapid return on investment.

“Research indicates that retailers will generally see a return on their investment within six to 12 months of implementing FoxTag security tags,” he said.

FoxTag products are accessible exclusively through Vitag offering security systems adapted to acousto-magnetic (AM) technology, radio frequency identification (RF and RFID).

In addition, some of the world’s leading retailers in the US, UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand are expanding their businesses with FoxTag, including Rebel Australia, Champion and Bob’s Stores.

The implementation is simple and easy. The FoxTag team is proud to bring their expertise to support retailers with the optimal technology solutions that meet their needs and meet their unique requirements.

If your business is interested in exploring new technologies for loss prevention and is unsure of where to start, the FoxTag and Vitag team can be reached online at

It is the optimal high quality, reliable and durable solution for retail inventory protection.

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