Manteca Ulta theft: Police dismantle retail criminal gang

The Manteca police station arrested two suspects after trying to steal more than $ 4,000 worth of perfume from Ulta.

Manteca, CA – Manteca Police Station He said he arrested two people in an organized retail criminal group who stole $ 10,000 worth of merchandise from stores in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties.

Police say Bakari Franco, 36, is. Rafael Martinez, 29, from Modesto. And a third suspect, identified only as white, attempted to steal a $ 5,000 item from a Manteca store on June 9.

A bust occurred when Franco and a third suspect walked out of the Ulta de Manteca with a scent worth $ 4,000 before appearing before police. Officials said the pair attempted to run into a waiting vehicle driven by Martinez, sniffed at it and eventually passed through a shopping center.

Franco and Martinez were arrested, but no third suspect was found.

Police also said the trio were driving into the parking lot after stealing $ 500 in shoes from Famous Footwear and $ 500 in tools from Harbor Freight before trying to steal Ulta. Police said they found Famous Footwear and Harbor Freight products in the car during the bust.

The trio were believed to have committed multiple thefts at Ulta Manteca on June 5, 6, 7 and 9, where they targeted Ulta and Tilly’s. Police said they returned five times in the same week.

They are also believed to have been stolen from Tarlock Ultah, which occurred on the same day as the theft at Manteca. Police say Alta has had unresolved cases of theft in Franco at Modesto, Tarlock, Riverbank and Stockton stores in the past year, along with around 16 other thefts.

The group is believed to be responsible for more than $ 10,000 for known thefts from stores in San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County. According to police, Franco’s arrest has helped other agencies complete dozens of investigations.

“This group is said to be actively engaged in daily retail theft in Stanislaus County and surrounding areas.” The ministry said on Facebook.. “Bakari and Martinez are suspected of being fentanyl users and use retail theft for financial gain. “

Franco has been arrested on charges of organized retailing, theft, sabotage / resistance of officers and warrants for theft by lowly people, and legal proceedings are pending.

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Manteca Ulta theft: Police dismantle retail criminal gang Manteca Ulta theft: Police dismantle retail criminal gang

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