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COIMBATORE: The town’s MGR wholesale market was reopened and allowed to operate on Tuesday to ensure an uninterrupted supply of vegetables to the public during the heavy shutdown week. The market would operate according to government guidelines within the authorized timeframe from 6 a.m. to noon.
Speaking to reporters after inspecting the market, municipal company commissioner P Kumaravel Pandian said he asked traders to source vegetables / fruits from other districts / states to ensure an uninterrupted supply.
Vegetables and fruits are sold via 165 private vehicles owned by traders and 70 vehicles owned by the company with the help of farmers’ markets within the city limit, he said, adding that they had taken all measures to prevent the rise in prices. The company has set a goal of operating around 500 to 600 vehicles within the city limits. While passes have been issued to some 400 greengrocers, some apartments have made their own arrangements and prepared around 30-35 vehicles. In total, more than 500 vehicles are used to sell vegetables to the public, he said.
Pointing out that passes to traders to make mobile sales are given at the company’s zonal offices, Kumaravel Pandian said that they also decided to distribute passes to vehicles and strollers in the wholesale market of MGR.
A market trader said: “Because the government asked us to close the market, we had not placed new orders on Sunday and Monday and as a result, we were only able to supply half of the quantity required. . After the company allowed us to reopen the market, we placed our regular orders. Company officials asked us to sell vegetables to local vehicles before sending them to Kerala. ”
Coimbatore TK Market President Anaithu Motha Vyabarigal Sangam M Rajendran said, “We have decided to sell vegetables at the lowest possible price for the next few days.”
While speaking about the Covid-19 situation in the city, the commissioner said they had carried out targeted testing in several locations, taking all necessary measures to further increase the number of samples tested per day and reduce the rate of positivity.
He said they had stepped up the door-to-door investigation.

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