Moon Knight Upgraded Wonder Woman’s Golden Armor

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Season 1, Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters,” now streaming on Disney+.

the Moon Knight The finale not only brought Jake Lockley into the fold, but a new superhero emerged from behind the scenes. Layla El-Faouly takes on the Scarlet Beetle mantle with golden wings as her armor, which is a much-needed upgrade to Wonder Woman’s own golden eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984.

The first piece of Moon Knight Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters”, relies on Layla to stop Harrow from releasing Ammit into the world, as Marc and Steven have their own issues to deal with in the afterlife. Layla reluctantly agrees to become Taweret’s avatar — temporarily, as she very well recalls – to stop Ammit. Here, the first Egyptian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was born.

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Clad in what Taweret considers a very “fabulous” costume, Layla sports two blades attached to golden wings and leg armor. The Scarlet Scarab’s wings are more bronze in tone, but nonetheless, they are nearly identical to Wonder Woman’s in her next film. The only difference is that Moon KnightThe Scarlet Scarab costume is far superior for significant and cultural reasons.

Layla’s transformation into a superheroine had been long overdue, but she didn’t need wings to be a heroine. Layla has always risen to the occasion, even without the protection of the gods on her side. Her new powers and armor are just an added bonus that finally gives representation to people of Egyptian descent, shown by a little girl in the episode who shines because she has a hero she can relate to.

For Wonder Woman, armor never meant anything to Diana. It was originally worn by the Golden Warrior Asteria of the Amazons, who used the protective wings to block dozens of human warriors at once. Diana finally arms the wings against Cheetah in the third act of Wonder Woman 1984but the film’s lackluster plot and pacing failed to address the wings’ personal connection to Diana.

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The cultural significance of Layla’s wings also raises the argument that Moon Knight portrayed Egypt much more authentically than Wonder Woman 1984 did. Wonder Woman 1984The misrepresentation of Egyptian culture has been criticized by Moon Knight director Mohaned Diab, who calls the depiction a “shame” for depicting Egypt as a medieval desert. Moon Knighton the other hand, does not hesitate to present Egypt as a fashionable country of culture and normality.

Moon KnightThe New Hero Of Is What Fans Are Looking For Accurate Egyptian Representation In any movie or tv show. Wonder Woman 1984 makes it seem like an impossible task to present Egypt as a modern country with cultural practices, but Moon Knight prove otherwise by treating the nation and its culture with respect. In doing so, Layla gets the armored wings she deserves and gives her costume a far more meaningful meaning than Wonder Woman ever had with hers.

All six episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream on Disney+.

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