Opening of a new retail market in Pikeville

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WSAZ) – In downtown Pikeville, the foundation is being built for a unique concept.

“Honestly, this is the biggest opportunity downtown Pikeville has seen in a long time,” said Minta Trimble, Director of Main Street.

Soon the neighbors will have a one-stop shop where you can do more than shop.

The Shoppes at 225 will be a launching point for local businesses while providing community space for neighbors.

“If you wanted to start a business, you don’t have to worry about overhead, you don’t have to worry about an employee, we’ll do all of that to make sure you grow and develop,”, Trimble said. “We want you to go to another building in the city center. We want you to grow up. We want things to happen here. So that’s the whole concept.

Installed in a former department store, several entrepreneurs have already committed themselves inside including a plant store, a decoration store, a trade store and a confectionery … with even more opportunities possible.

“You will see many companies with a larger footprint in a square footage,” Trimble said. “The largest number will probably be 700 square feet. But you’ll even see someone renting a table or renting a column, so we’re looking for retailers and creatives who want to sell their merchandise.

Trimble hopes that by providing this launching point, it will give businesses an opportunity to thrive and eventually establish themselves in their own storefronts.

“Taking advantage of this is just an opportunity that we’re really trying to create and keep the downtown area alive through this effort,” Trimble said.

The Shoppes at 225 are scheduled to open in August. If you would like to use the space there once it opens, you can contact Minta Trimble at 606-899-2489.

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