Private Investors ‘Celebrate’ Ken Griffin’s Birthday in Their Own Way

In addition to having that “Friday” feeling, retail investors also spent the last day of the trading week celebrating someone’s birthday… special.

October 15 marks the 53rd birthday of Citadel founder Ken Griffin, so self-proclaimed social media memes ‘monkeys’ sent some of their favorite tickers flying into the green in ironic honor of their least favorite financier. .

AMC Entertainment AMC Shares,
BlackBerry BB,
+ 0.78%
and other memes shut down the same day, while others struggled as the crowd of retailers grabbed their old favorites to wreak as much havoc as possible on the man they still blamed for the short January squeeze.

“Ken Griffin turns 53 on October 15,” reads a popular Reddit board post r / AMCStock “What a great birthday present the MOASS [Mother of all short squeezes] would be.”

AMC closed 1.7% on the day, but gained 9.6% for the week, as investors took advantage of the glow of new blockbusters and a move to direct stock registration.

GameStop GME,
– an action backed by investors who often say they’re not a fan of billionaire Griffin – ended the day 0.3% down after news that the state of Alaska had ceded 75% of its holdings in the stock, but jumped nearly 1.3% in the last 45 minutes of trading as retail investors pushed to “celebrate” Griffin on that ticker as well.

Other stocks of BlackBerry and Nvidia NVDA memes,
+ 0.53%
joins AMC in the green, while Bed Bath & Beyond BBBY,
EXPR express,
and Nokia NOK,
and fell on the day, despite a strong performance from the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA,

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