SkateBIRD on console, Xbox Game Pass and PC in August

Glass bottom games are an independent game development team focused on making games in which animals do human things. And their next game will be SkateBIRD. Can you guess what it will be?

Switching to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox Game Pass Nintendo Switch, PC, and Amazon Luna on August 12, 2021, SkateBIRD, is Glass Bottom’s avian action sports game that will knock you down in micro skateparks that transform everyday objects made of birds. big obstacles.

A world far from Tony Hawk’s professional skater, but strangely aligned with Skate town, in SkateBIRD, you will have the ability to wrap a heel around intuitive and accessible controls that make it easy to bond between flowing lines. Grind, flip, and spin through stages while completing challenges to unlock new fancy gear, new tweaks, and secret mixtapes stuffed with lo-fi beats for bird lovers to kick back and skate.

In SkateBIRD, pulling off tricks is fun, but doing your best is really all that matters. You’ll be able to tackle five levels with tricky materials and craft parks, as you slide staplers across the boards, 360 ° pull out a reused gum punching ramp, and carve perfect bowls – do just watch out for leftover cereals!

You’ll also be able to rack up high scores and complete missions to progress through stages ranging from your great friend’s room to a panoramic roof and a sick server room perfect for top secret sessions. Or go free skating around the world at a leisurely pace. Grow your flock and wow them with floating flicks, owl combos, and crisp tricks.

In skateBIRD everything will revolve around birds and this will allow you to choose from over 30 species of birds and equip them with wild wardrobes. Don a cowboy hat or fez while tearing up your great friend’s desk, or keep it fluffy and strap up a backpack for a quick sitting in the bedroom. Become the world’s first little hawk to shoot a 540 backside or see if a pygmy parrot can snuggle up on a magazine halfpipe. Like the Relaxed Control Scheme, SkateBIRD’s customization options are all focused on self-expression.

“SkateBIRD is all about doing the best you can,” said Megan Fox, founder of Glass Bottom Games. “Since launching the SkateBIRD Kickstarter in 2019, we’ve been working to create the best skateboarding bird game the world has ever seen. We can’t wait to share it with everyone in August.

SkateBIRD will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Amazon Luna on August 12, 2021 X | S via backward compatibility on Thursday August 12, 2021 for $ 19.99. It will also debut on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

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