This junk food game may help people eat less and lose weight, study finds

For people who desperately want to lose weight but fail due to their strong cravings for junk food, a FoodT mobile game may come in handy, according to a new study. The Food Trainer app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Developed by researchers at the University of Exeter, England, and the University of Helsinki, Finland, the app uses brain training techniques to reduce people’s cravings for junk food.

In its trial run, the study found that using the app at least once a day, which only takes four minutes, reduced junk food intake by at least one point on an eight-point scale. . This ranged from consuming four to five junk food items per day to one or no junk food items per month.

“For example, someone who ate each junk food two to four times a week reduced that number to once a week after using the app regularly for a month,” said Natalia Lawrence, associate professor of translational medicine at a Press release by the University of Exeter.

Food training game shows everyday objects in red or green circles that users can tap. If a user taps on an object in the green circle, he awards them a point, but by tapping on an object in the red circle, a point is deducted. Between images of objects such as pencils and sweaters, the app slips healthy and unhealthy foods. Healthy foods always appear in green circles, while unhealthy foods always appear in red circles. Using the reward mechanism, the app tries to train the user’s brain to react positively to healthy food and negatively to junk food. He continues to ask questions from time to time to assess the user’s progress.

However, the researchers warn that these results should be taken with caution as there could also be other factors that could motivate users to work on their junk food habits. While reviewing the app on Play Store, one user confirmed that their cravings were reduced after using the app. the study was published in the October issue of Appetite.

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