What does trustworthy retail data look like in 2021?

<p> What does trustworthy <a class="wpil_keyword_link" href="/category/retail/" title="retail" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">retail</a> data look like in 2021? – Electricity retail </p>

Electricity retail

By Power Retail

| June 02, 2021

All retailers want data on the Australian market so they can make confident decisions. With the continued boom in online retailing growing at a rapid pace, retailers must rely on data and benchmarking they can truly trust.

Switched On is the first truly Australia-centric analytics engine that enables this, and it’s critical whether you’re a small or a large business.

“We created Switched On to provide progressive benchmarks, trend data and forecast for the Australian e-commerce industry,” said David Fear, chief analyst at Power Retail.

“It’s a tailored platform that allows retailers to leverage daily updates to understand where they stand in the market against a range of key performance metrics such as conversion rate, return on ad spend, channel performance and many more. “

Power Retail Switched On provides retailers with reliable data and information from Australia’s hub of the e-commerce industry. It’s a must-have resource for retail CEOs, CFOs, and marketing managers to get daily referrals, forecasting, analysis, and strategic insight.

On provides:

  • Retail Analysis of Australia’s Top 500 Ecommerce Retailers
  • Online shoppers data from 1.6 million Australian shoppers
  • Trajectory reports, strategic talking points and online buyer profiles
  • Much more

Do you want solid data on Australia’s e-commerce industry so you can make confident decisions?

Power Retail Enabled Membership allows retailers to leverage daily updates to understand where they are in the marketplace against a range of key performance metrics including conversion rate, return on ad spend and the performance of the channel. 📈

Are you on? Become a member today at powerretail.com.au

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