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The history of fashion is as old as mankind. In addition to their basic function of warmth and body protection, clothing has increasingly come to be seen as a status symbol over the years. Today the distinction between women’s and men’s fashion is blurring, but that was a whole different story in the 18th and 19th centuries. The period of fashion that marked the life of the English writer Jane Austen returns once a year to the British city of Bath. At the eponymous festival, visitors should definitely wear costumes in the so-called Regency style, as shown in the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton”. About 500 participants take part in the “Regency Parade”, bringing this era of fashion to life.

Now we would like to hear from you. If you could slip into any outfit from a historic fashion period, which one would it be? We look forward to your responses. With any luck you could win an exclusive designed DW backpack with goodies inside.

Ancient Rome
Middle Ages
Write in your own choice

The closing date for entries is October 1, 2021 at 12 p.m. UTC. The judge’s decision is final. Good luck!

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